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Develop new skills with digital learning formats.

Today, companies are faced with the challenge of making employees fit for the digital age. With our individual and intelligent Headstart learning formats, it is possible to actively promote this change and lead it to sustainable success.

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Individual Headstart learning programs

We build guided learning journeys based on the individual learning needs of your company. Because every organization needs a different learning solution.

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Headstart Online courses

Get there faster: Headstart Studios is the brand behind Drive Digital, the OMR Academy and Squared Online, the award-winning digital marketing and leadership course for ambitious marketing managers and professionals.

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Everyone wants to learn with our Headstart
learning programs!

Intuitive and functional UX design.

Our learning format mix is proven
and unique.


We use videos for the deepening of content. All videos can be accessed during the Learning Journey, independent of time.

Graphics & Text

Individually prepared graphics and texts invite you to deal more intensively with a topic and to prepare and follow up live classes.

Live Classes

Our live classes invite you to enter into direct exchange with experts and other learners.


To make learning varied, we use playful elements such as quizzes that invite learners to interact.

social learning

Working together as a team on projects and learning and applying new knowledge in group work, that is the goal of Social Learning.


We do not leave our students alone. Our support team accompanies every learning journey and answers all questions. We receive top marks from our customers for this.


After completing a learning programme, participants receive a personal certificate in recognition of their performance.

Individual Headstart learning programs for your company!

We are specialized in the development of employees in companies. With innovative tools, company-specific content and a unique mix of didactic methods, we enable people to live their potential in the digital age and successfully shape digital change.

We research learning needs

Let us discuss your challenges in a workshop and develop a concept that will generate enthusiasm among your superiors and employees. We support you in the analysis and help you to better understand what opportunities you can achieve today through employee development and corporate learning. A positive ROI is always the goal.

Concept: We develop learning concepts

Every person has different preferences in learning. Therefore, we pay attention to the people who work in your company from the very beginning. How can further development succeed with them? Which learning products are needed? Our formats, which include blended learning as well as online courses, will inspire you, also in terms of data security.

Development: We create learning formats

With us, you can implement the best learning formats in your company and thus contribute significantly to the success of your organization. We pay attention to addressing different senses and the use of varied formats and methods that ensure fun and enjoyment for the learners. Recommendation rates of up to 94% guaranteed.

Success: identification and motivation

Through graduation and a Headstart Studios certificate, we ensure that all participants identify with the program - even beyond the actual duration of the program - and are motivated to tackle the next big tasks.

Our learning formats on the podium.

At the eLearning Award 2020 we received an eLearning Award in the category "Collaborative Learning" for our campus app.


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