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Develop new skills with digital learning formats.

Today, companies are faced with the challenge of continuously training employees in the digital age. Our intelligent Headstart® learning formats actively drive this change in digital marketing and lead to sustainable success.

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Our Headstart® Learning Approach

They say that many roads lead to Rome - but does this also apply to the roads to learning success? To be honest, there are not only many, but a combination of several. Our learning approach for successful, sustainable learning is based on the pillars: Guided Learning, Lean Forward Learning and Social Learning.

Guided Learning

Guided Learning

We never leave our learners alone. Our support team accompanies each individual learning journey and addresses any questions that arise during the course of the program. For this we get top marks from our customers.



Lean-back learning, which is designed for pure consumption like watching learning videos, was yesterday! We replace it with active lean-forward learning that encourages interaction, reflection and application of what is learned.

Social Learning

Social Learning

Achieve more together! Working together as a team on projects, learning and applying new knowledge in group work - that is the goal of social learning.

With our Headstart® learning programs, everyone wants to learn!


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Video laden

Our learning format mix is proven and unique.


We use videos to reinforce content. All videos can be accessed at any time during the learning journey.

Interactive lessons

Individually prepared graphics and texts invite learners to deal more intensively with a topic and to prepare and follow up live classes.


To make learning varied, we use playful elements such as quizzes that invite learners to interact.


Our live classes offer the opportunity to engage in direct exchange with experts and other learners.

Social Learning

Working together as a team on projects and learning and applying new knowledge in group work is the goal of social learning.

Practical Tasks

Our learners apply their new knowledge directly in various assignments and small projects within the course.


We do not leave our learners alone. Our support team accompanies every learning journey and answers all questions. For this, we get top marks from our customers.


pon completion of a learning program, participants receive a personal certificate in recognition of their achievement.

Learning as part of everyday work.

We specialize in employee development in companies. With innovative tools, high practical relevance and a unique didactic method mix, we enable people to live their potential in the digital age and successfully shape the digital transformation.

Create a living
learning culture

Create a living learning culture

A vibrant learning culture encourages, motivates and supports the learning of new skills and their application. Our Learning Journeys and blended learning programs help you bring the vision of a modern and inspiring learning culture to life.

Develop a digital mindset

You don't get a digital mindset by reading or just consuming online videos. It requires addressing many senses. We know how learners process information and knowledge and how they can profitably incorporate them into everyday business.

Learn agile and innovative ways
of working

Learn agile and innovative ways of working

We believe that there is digital potential in every company. That's why we specialize in teaching agile and innovative ways of working and learning digital skills. The joy of creating a new digital future comes when employees understand why you need to learn new skills.

Our learning formats on the podium.

Because at Headstart, we give everything for an excellent Learning Journey.

eLearning Award 2019, 2020, 2021

Most innovatice and best eLearning program in the categories:​
“Leadership training” 2019​
“Collaborative Learning” 2020​
“Behavioural training” 2021​

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HR Excellence Award 2018 und 2020

Winner in the category
​ “Big corporates – Employee development”​
2nd place in the category
“Big corporates – Leadership development”​
​2nd place in the category
“Big corporates– Employee development”​

Digital Leader Award

“The best digitalization projects”
2nd place in the category "Transform Culture"

St. Galler Leadership Award

3rd place in the category
“Successful leadership initiatives“

Deutscher Digital Award

Nominated in the category
"Digital Transformation"

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