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Make. Learning. Digital.

With our learning programs we are up to date and help others to develop their maximum potential. We connect learning experts, digital nerds, customer heroes and people with a love for learning.

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We advise our customers with passion - every day! Because we understand the challenges they face and act as a competent partner to offer our customers the solution they need.

Product Development

We develop and design our learning programs. With our didactic and design know-how, we develop concepts for sustainable learning journeys and implement them on our learning management systems.


We keep everything running! That's why we do our best every day to support our colleagues in all teams, from finance to office, human resources to project management.


We make sure that our brand gets out there and is visible. We produce good, relevant content that convinces even the last stakeholder. Do you already follow us on LinkedIn?

Learner Experience

We ensure that our customers experience the perfect learning journey. To do this, we support all learners from start to course completion. We ensure that they achieve their learning goals and successfully complete our programs.

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I am: humorous optimist, learning enthusiast with a creative mind
What I am currently learning: Swedish and Sketchnotes
Headstart to me is: a lovely bunch of dynamic, motivated and appreciative people who are forging together to digitally and joyfully teach important skills in today's workplace


I am: always in a good mood and say what is on my mind.
What I am currently learning: I always try to learn from the day to be my best self.
What´s typical for Headstart: our open communication and the interaction between teams.
My quirk: shoes must match the outfit.


I am: Digital Marketing Manager at Headstart Studios with a soft spot for Dashboards.
What I am currently learning: trying to learn to code.
What´s typical for Headstart: human, appreciative, visionary, inspiring and the conviction that lifelong learning leads to a better life.
What excites me: sun in Hamburg.


I am: flexible
What I am currently learning: Online Marketing - I currently participate in our Squared Online programme.
Headstart to me is: freedom and confidence to bring in own ideas
My quirk: preparing for short trips like it´s a 6-weeks survival trip.


I am: passionate crossword puzzle fan and smoothie junkie with a memory like an elephant.
What I am currently learning: I try to more actively integrate yoga into my everyday life.
Headstart to me is: team spirit and mutual appreciation
What excites me: my brand new hobby – Stand Up Paddling on the Alster!

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After an initial telephone conversation, you will meet colleagues from the team in person in the office or via video call. It is important to us that colleagues know the team in which they will be working in the future. You will also be given a task to take home with you, which you will prepare for us and after which we will be happy to talk with you about it.

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