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We create a living learning culture in companies.

Our digital learning programs make every company a learning organization. Together we create the most important prerequisite for the success of employees in the digital age.

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We must rethink continuing education in companies and respond to the relevant learning needs of employees. Old learning formats like pure video learning are no longer sufficient. We need a modern learning culture that fits and inspires my organisation.

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Achieving and proving a positive return on investment through training, re- & upskilling of employees is finally no longer a pipe dream. Thanks to Headstart Studios, I can individualize learning formats according to our goals and always have the progress of our employees in mind.

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Digital know-how without an application plan is useless. I need partners at my side who know which skills need to be learned in our company and who also check whether what has been learned is sustainable.

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What challenges does your company face?

Together we develop the right learning solution for the big tasks of your organisation. With our didactic expertise, digital mindset and love of learning, we design learning programs that work and deliver what they promise.

Establishing a living learning culture

A lively learning culture promotes, motivates and supports the learning of new skills and their application. Our individual Learning Journeys help you to bring the vision of a modern and inspiring learning culture to life.

Developing a digital mindset

You don't get a digital mindset by reading or by simply consuming videos. It needs to appeal to many senses. We know how learners process information and knowledge and how they can profitably apply them to the digital business world.

Learn agile and innovative ways of working

We believe that there is digital potential in every company. That's why we have specialized in teaching agile and innovative ways of working and learning digital skills. The joy of creating a new digital future comes when employees understand why, how and why new skills need to be learned.

Individual learning programs for your success

Large and medium-sized companies need a comprehensive range of training options and formats that can be integrated into the daily work routine and achieve acceptance among employees. We develop award-winning individual Learning Journeys that guarantee sustainable learning success.

Our playbook for developing your digital learning strategy.

Now is the time to develop your employees. With the help of our playbook on digital learning you will be able to craft your own concept and put a process behind it. Stop thinking about it and start working on it - this playbook is designed to give you a step-by-step guide for your learning program.

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