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Marketing training rethought

We have made it our mission to develop the best learning programs in the field of marketing. In this way, we create an important prerequisite for the success of marketing employees and teams in the digital age.

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Learn digital marketing for today and tomorrow.


We offer a large portfolio of collaborative, modern and effective marketing & leadership training. Here are our award-winning digital Headstart® learning programs at a glance.

With the Digital Marketing Foundations (DMF) created together with the Online Marketing Rockstars, we have developed a sustainable and fundamental education program for marketing and sales teams to create a unified understanding of online marketing, regardless of existing knowledge level.

At the OMR Academy, learners get in-depth knowledge from OMR's top experts in the form of online courses - from Facebook & Instagram Advertising to SEA, SEO, Analytics and Email Marketing.

Our award-winning online course, developed together with Google, imparts strategic knowledge about digital marketing - state-of-the-art and on-the-job.

In collaboration with our partner Google, we have developed virtual problem-solving workshops in which teams work quickly and collaboratively on their own challenges in very specific digital marketing disciplines.

Our learning know-how

When developing our digital Headstart® learning programs, we challenge the status quo and focus on the needs of our customers. With our modern approach to learning, we anchor learning in daily doing, developing sustainable successes and providing a support infrastructure for learners that is second to none.

For the digital marketing of tomorrow, we create successful learning solutions with our partners – both for individuals and entire teams.

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At Headstart Studios, we design digital
programs that the entire Company will benefit from and be excited about.


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Want to learn more about Headstart Studios?


At Headstart Studios we design digital
programs that will benefit your entire company will benefit from and be excited about.


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